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Joanne and Barry Hunter | Client Property Investors

With so many lenders and numerous loan products in the market today, you need a clear and concise explanation of the loan that best suits your individual needs. Listed below is a summary of what we believe to be the most popular types of loans available.

Our loans include:

  • VARIABLE RATE LOANS for housing and investment at a significant discount to standard rates.
    They are fully featured products with flexibility including split loans, off set accounts, portability, construction, additional payments and redraw.
  • BASIC VARIABLE HOME LOANS with low interest rates with measured features.
  • LINE OF CREDIT home equity loans that maximize usage of equity in the home for use in renovations, purchase of a car or personal investment.
  • LO-DOC LOANS for clients who don’t have completed financial statements or cannot verify their income.
  • NON-CONFORMING LOANS for borrowers that for various reasons do not meet normal lenders guidelines.

Residential Loans

residential home loans

Our services cater to all borrower types from first home buyers to high net worth investors and self employed borrowers.

Commercial Loans


Our capacity to tap into a vast network of lenders is a key benefit to our commercial clients.

Development Loans

Property development finance

The construction finance market is a very fast moving segment requiring specific market knowledge.