"McGrath understands the overall picture which makes things a hell of a lot easier from our end"

John Ross | Client Patterson Developments

From small residential projects to multi-million dollar office and retail developments, McGrath is active in arranging funding for commercial, industrial, retail and residential projects.

McGrath Capital’s loan facilities cover all facets of construction funding. From the traditional 80 per cent of cost funding to highly leveraged structured finance loans and equity placements, McGrath Capital arranges loans from $1 million to $100 million. With a vast array of construction and development loan products combined with 26 years of construction finance expertise, McGrath Capital helps clients achieve a profitable outcome for any worthwhile project.

The range of products available includes:

Land-bank finance with interest capitalised or paid monthly.
Site acquisition against valuations uplifted by rezoning/planning approvals.
Progressively drawn construction finance for developer builders or for developers outsourcing construction and covering budgeted construction, construction contingency, project management, consultants costs and holding costs, interest capitalised during construction and the budget sell down period.
Structured finance solutions to increase gearing up to as high as 95% of project costs to improve return on equity, release equity to the developer, access higher value projects or provide bridging finance across multiple assets.
Take-out/recapitalisation of development residual stock to clear construction loans, release equity or provide an extended selling period.
Mezzanine Finance

The mezzanine debt sector is possibly the fastest growing, most dynamic market in the finance industry today. With the range of mezzanine debt available as diverse as the rates and fees charged, the very latest information is essential in securing the best deal.

From second mortgage loans to sophisticated, senior-subordinated structured finance transactions, McGrath Capital’s knowledge of the mezzanine and structured debt sector is based on years of experience. McGrath Capital arranges mezzanine funding for existing properties as well as for construction and development opportunities.

Mezzanine structures may also be used to assist investors to acquire existing properties for either investment purposes or where “value-add” opportunities are available. Value-add may arise from enhancing the cash flow of an investment property by re-structuring the tenancy profile, or by the letting up of partially vacant tenancies.

A well planned mezzanine facility produces an increased return to the developer and allows them to preserve equity.

Equity and Joint Ventures

Raising equity for projects can be a complex matter. McGrath Capital through its relationships with high net-worth individuals and private investment groups can source equity participation and joint ventures.

Residential Loans

residential home loans

Our services cater to all borrower types from first home buyers to high net worth investors and self employed borrowers.

Commercial Loans


Our capacity to tap into a vast network of lenders is a key benefit to our commercial clients.

Development Loans

Property development finance

The construction finance market is a very fast moving segment requiring specific market knowledge.